Slab Injection Foundation Repair

The polyurethane foam blend is composed of two parts, part A and part B. When combined these two parts turn into a high density foam. The foam cures to 90% density typically within 15 minutes for near instant results. This foam is used to fix a variety of issues which may include but are not limited to cracked concrete slabs, sinking slabs, and filling voids underneath the concrete that lead to cracking/splitting. Our polyurethane slab injection can fix all these issues. This foam is environmentally friendly and will not contaminate the water table. Slab injection requires drilling different access points throughout the concrete slab. These holes are 5/16” in diameter and are easily filled with a concrete mix. Once completed it is very difficult to notice where our hole were located. Slab injection has been proven to lift and level all sorts of different damaged slabs. 

Slab Injection Vs Mud Jacking

There are a couple of solutions when it comes to concrete slab repair. First there is mud jacking. Mud jacking shares similarities to polyurethane foam injection but is very different. Mud jacking is an invasive process that combines a mix of concrete and water to make up a mud like consistency. This “mud” applies more pressure underneath the already damaged concrete than the less invasive alternatives. In our experience mud jacking can apply up to 100lbs of pressure per cubic foot verses 2-5lbs of pressure from our polyurethane foam. Mud jacking also requires large holes (up to 4 inches) to be drilled to pump the blend underneath the slab. Mud jacking can be harmful to the area surrounding the slab and can be very messy. This process isn’t a permanent solution either. Mud jacking tends to only hold up 2-5 years after the repair. The alternative to the outdated practice of mud jacking is polyurethane slab injection. Slab injection is a much more friendly process with better results. Polyurethane slab injection requires 5/16” diameter holes to be drilled throughout the slab to pump high density foam underneath the slab to raise and or level your damaged concrete. These holes are very easily patched with a grout mix and are almost unrecognizable. Our polyurethane blend is friendly to the surrounding environment and cures almost instantly compared to “mud” which can take up to a week to cure. Overall slab injection is a much better option than mud jacking. 

Prior to Slab Injection
Slab Injection Process, as you can see the collapsed foundation is bring brought up to the same height as the section that did not collapse.

Q: Will the foam deteriorate over time?
A: Polyurethane slab injection is proven to last 100+ years as long as the area is properly maintained. Oklahoma Foundation Repair will guarantee the repairs for up to 10 years. If additional injection is required, there will be no cost to the home owner. This guarantee does NOT cover failures caused by excessive water or structural changes to the home. Home owners are responsible for all floor coverings.

Q: Is the product safe?
A: Our slab injection process has been proven to be an environmentally friendly option for concrete slab repair. Polyurethane foam is water repellant, as well as water proof. Polyurethane foam does not react with any natural chemicals found in soil or concrete and also does not omit any chemicals meaning that it is virtually harmless to the surrounding environment.

Q: How long do repairs take?
A: This question depends on the size of slab that is being repaired. The product itself takes about 15 minutes for it to reach 90% density. This activation is a much quicker process than alternative options.

Q: Do we have to move out while you make repairs?
A: Home owners will not have to move out for repairs to be done. Furniture may need to be moved to other areas of the home temporarily. Home owners are responsible for all floor coverings.