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What to Look for When Choosing a Foundation Repair Company

Like many homeowners who suspect they have foundation issues, you may not know where to begin. Likely you don’t know a whole lot about foundation repair, let alone the best company to contact for a fair price and a quality repair. We  Oklahoma Foundation Repair want to make sure the foundation repair process is easy and painless. We offer free assessments for homeowners and provide permanent solutions to your foundation problems.


The easiest place to start is to ask for referrals. Ask neighbors whom you know have had foundation repairs. Ask your “real life” friends and your Facebook friends. Most people want to be helpful and will gladly pass on the name of the company they have used or no someone who used that had an enjoyable experience. You will also hear about companies you should steer clear from in this process, which is also helpful. Additionally, don’t’ hesitate to ask the company whom you are considering hiring to provide referrals. If they are a reputable company, they should have no problem giving you some referrals to verify their previous work. Do contact those referrals with the intent of learning more about the experience that customer had with the company. Ask them about the quality of work, price, professionalism, and timeliness.


Do your homework. Check out their website to learn more about the company. Look at their online testimonials and reviews. We have reviews on Google and Facebook. Additionally, we have an A rating with Better Business Bureau.


Have a structural engineer look at your potential foundation issue. Since a structural engineer has nothing to financially gain (beyond the cost of their services to assess your issue), they can issue an unbiased opinion on your home. For this reason, you can be confident that they will only recommend what is necessary to ensure your home’s stability and safety. The average cost of a structural engineer assessment is around $500.


Quality matter with most things that you want to last and that is no exception with foundation repair products. You want to ensure that the company isn’t purchasing cheap foundation piers that won’t hold up. The last thing you want it to be having to replace your piers again a year later because of inferior piers usage. We get our piers from 2000 Industries. We have found that their steel and concrete piers are the best choice to use for foundation repair. Not only do they stand behind their products, but we stand behind our workmanship on the installation of such. When it comes to foundation repair, we have your back on this and go above and beyond to ensure your expectations are met.


Ultimately, you want to ensure you have a good experience with any company that you choose to hire. Companies that are focused on providing a positive customer experience will work hard to ensure their clients’ needs are addressed properly and promptly. Pay attention to the details. First, was the person who answered the phone professional and courteous? When the technician came to perform an estimate, were they polite, professional and on time? Did they explain everything, answer your questions, and address your concerns? While this certainly isn’t an exhausted list of things to look for, the point it this, a company focused on their customers should make an impression that displays such from the initial contact.

As a homeowner, you just want to make the best decision possible when it comes to you choosing your foundation repair company. If you follow these tips, you should have a wonderful experience.

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