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Five Step Foundation Repair Process

The five-step foundation repair process is a common industry process for placing piers under your home’s foundation. The method has been around for years and is in practice wherever slab foundations are found. Before you sign on with a foundation contractor, educate yourself around this process so you know exactly what to ask before you make your choice. While foundation repair can be a daunting task to have to deal with, at Oklahoma Foundation Repair we work to make it simple and easy for every homeowner we work with. Read about the five-step process below and know that we are always on the other end of the phone if you have any questions.

The Five Steps of Securing a Slab Foundation

Step 1: 

Preparation is key to a well completed job. The contractors at Oklahoma Foundation Repair will first secure the work area. This is done for the safety and protection of your home. In that spirit it is common that tarps are placed over plants and landscaping. The team will place plywood at the location of each hole to be dug. The plywood supports the dirt that is being temporarily removed. If interior piers are needed, tarps will be laid from the entrance of your home to the necessary interior locations. Any materials that will be used will be brought to the dig areas to complete the preparation.

Step 2: 

Digging the hole for the piers is the next step. The foundation team will dig the earth up under the foundation where the piers and pilings are being placed. A breakout may be needed for interior piers. This could require use of a small jack hammer, though most often holes are dug by hand. This is typically the most labor-intensive part of the foundation repair project. Depending on the size of the job, it could take a day or two to complete this step.

Step 3: 

Next is lifting the foundation. The concrete piers are placed underneath the home to stabilize the foundation. Once placed into each freshly dug hole a hand jack is used to press the piers into the ground. The piers are pressed into the ground in a way that ensures weight distribution to the foundation slab. During the raising, measurements are taken throughout ensure proper height is reached. Steel shims are placed on top of the concrete piers once the correct height is reached. This is the completion of the repair process.

Step 4: 

While the repair itself should be complete, the job is not yet finished. The fourth stage in the process involves coming into your home and taking a final measurement. This is to make sure that the house is level at all points. Once this is complete, the dirt in put back into the holes. While care is taken to make sure the soil is packed in tightly, after the first rain the soil in the holes may sink some more. If this happens, simply call your foundation contractor back and they will come fix the issue.

Step 5: 

Finally, the only thing left to do is cleanup. This is the final stage in the process. Tarps, plywood, debris, and residue are removed. If inside work must be done, the team will sweep and mop the area where they worked. The area outside is sprayed clean and put back as it was.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair Contractor

Repairing your foundation with the method listed above does take some time, however, having your foundation repaired should not be something that you delay acting upon. If you are showing any type of signs that you may have a foundation issue with your home and need your foundation fixed, give Oklahoma Foundation Repair a call today at (405) 441-1643.