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Why DIY Foundation Repair is a Scary Job

Between Google, DIY home remodeling shows, and YouTube tutorials, many folks these days feel more confident than ever to tackle repair issues on their own. You may be tempted to attempt to repair your own foundation issues in an effort to save money, but you may want to read this before moving ahead on such attempts. Given that your home is most likely your largest investment it would be wise to seek out a professional for your foundation issues. While painting, flooring, and remodeling projects may be great for DIYers, trying to diagnose and repair your own foundation can be a scary job, and here is why:

 1. Underestimating the seriousness of the issue

When you are untrained in diagnosing foundation problems, it is easy to underestimate the serious nature of the issue. While some foundation issues are minor and easily repaired, that is not the case with all. While it is important for homeowners to recognize the signs of possible foundation issues, such as sticking windows and doors, cracks the walls or ceiling, unlevel or cracked floors, and bowing or leaning walls, to name a few, this is not enough knowledge to determine the seriousness of one’s foundation issues.  It takes a highly skilled and trained professional, such as a structural engineer, to know when foundation issues will lead to imminent foundation failure.

2. Improper repairs can decrease the value of your home

If some day you decide to sell your home, odds are the buyer will insist on having a home inspection before closing on the sell. If you have done a DIY repair on your foundation the home inspector will catch it. Home inspectors know how to tell the difference between a professional repair and a DIY repair. No bones about it, this will affect the value of your home.

3. It takes specific tools that you probably don’t own

It takes specific tools to do the type of repair necessary. Some repairs require piering products or underpinning to level or lift the foundation. Other jobs may require high pressured epoxy injections or excavation to deal with a tree root issue. While you may be able to buy a DIY foundation repair kit online, it is highly unlikely to have the actual items necessary to do much more than “cover up” the real issue.

4. There is the threat of further damaging the foundation or hurting yourself

No DIY project is important enough to risk your quality of life over. One could seriously injure themselves trying to repair their home foundation when they don’t know how to do it properly. Not only that, but one could easily cause more damage to the foundation in the process. It is perfectly okay to not know how to fix your foundation, that is why experts and foundation companies exist in the first place. Call one. You will be glad you did.

5. A botched foundation repair ends up costing more money

It is true. A botched foundation repair ends up costing more money because you end up having to hire a professional anyway. What may have been a reasonable cost to have a professional come repair the foundation issue will cost more once they must come in and undo a bad repair first. Best to just have it done by a professional the first time. It will save you time and money in the long run.  

When it comes to foundation repair, do yourself a favor and contact an expert. Oklahoma Foundation Repair specializes in repairing foundation issues. We offer a no-obligation, free estimate. Additionally, we will walk you through the entire process and explain the problems and what must be done to fix the issue. Give us a call at (405) 441-1643.