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Considering Foundation Repair in 2020

Are you contemplating adding foundation repair to your home budget for 2020? There are many things to consider that may seem somewhat obscure yet could become prominent for a variety of reasons. We have compiled what we feel are the top Five Reasons to prioritize foundation repairs in 2020 (or at least ponder before reaching a conclusion):

  1. A Solid Foundation Provides Home Security

Odds are your home is your single biggest asset. Property values depend on a home’s condition, which begin at its base. A quality home structure provides the basis for stable utility bills and secures your home’s value from the ground up. In the event you decide to sell your home, a potential buyer would most likely inspect the home’s foundation before anything aesthetic. Structural issues are always addressed by a home inspection and can be the difference between getting an offer on your house or a potential buyer literally moving on down the road.

2. Foundation Repair Increases Your Home’s Value

If your home is built in an area where settling is common, doing repairs increases your home’s value by providing an advantage over other homes that have not been properly maintained. The sooner any potential issue is addressed, the less expensive the cost of the maintenance becomes, as well as avoiding additional issues such as water damage, pest invasion, mold and mildew growth, or plumbing issues.

3. When it Comes to Foundation Repair, Time is of the Essence

The key to foundation repair is having it done sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more expensive repairs become, and the more damage caused by delaying the process. In addition to having to repair the foundation, you could have to pay for mold and mildew removal, replacing warped floors, and eliminating insects that may creep in through cracks and crevices.

4. Appearance is the First Impression You Can Never Replace

A stable foundation gives a house a level look that provides a beautiful canvas for exterior features such as porches, patios, pools, and gardens. Landscaping can give a home a balanced appearance that instantly attracts the eye to the lovely accents that make your house a home. With all the time, attention and money it takes to add these to an existing structure, the last thing you need is erosion, standing water, or cracks in the concrete making an otherwise great exterior an eyesore.

5. Foundations Naturally Shift Over Time, and We All Know Time is Money

In the event your foundation becomes uneven and is left that way for a significant amount of time, you could be in for major issues that require your family’s relocation while the repairs are being addressed. It might start with plumbing problems that become leaks under a concrete slab, yet eventually become uneven interior walls and ceilings, causing doors not to close properly and cracks that provide proof positive of foundation problems. Taking the time to address issues as needed can save you serious cash over the long-term.

Oklahoma Foundation Repair provides free consultations, and information is power. If you suspect foundation concerns in your home, give us a call at (405) 441-1643. We’ll come out and assess your foundation and provide you with an estimate if there is foundation damage. If the foundation is good, we’ll let you know that at as well for your own peace of mind. Even if you choose to call someone other than Oklahoma Foundation Repair, make sure you call a local, reputable foundation repair company so that you are informed before a small issue becomes a big problem.