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Foundation Settlement is Common in Oklahoma.

Do you suspect foundation issues with your own home?

Give Your Home A Clean Bill of Health!

Now is the perfect time to have someone check out your foundation! No worrisome salespeople, and no unneeded repair recommendations. If your home is in top-shape, we’ll let you know!
House - Oklahoma Foundation Repair
Family Having Fun - Oklahoma Foundation Repair

Help when you need it from our family to yours.

We are a local family-owned business with more than 8 years of experience in foundation repair in and around Oklahoma City. We offer competitive pricing for all aspects of your home repair project including materials, labor, and operating needs. 

Slab Injection Foundation Repair

The poly spray foam injection is a hydrophobic foam that is designed to fill voids under a slab. In some applications, the injected foam can actually recover the slab back to its original location. Polyurethane spray foam works well in applications where slabs have failed due to excessive water penetrating under slab creating voids. Small holes are drilled into the concrete to pump foam in. This is much less invasive and considerably cleaner/faster than traditional interior piers.
Bricks Crack - Oklahoma Foundation Repair


Do you see cracks on interior or exterior walls?

Foundation Repair Heals Cracks

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Interior Door - Oklahoma Foundation Repair


Are doors sticking or not closing like they used to?

Foundation Repair Unsticks Doors

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Window Gaps - Oklahoma Foundation Repair


Are there gaps along the edges of your windows?

Foundation Repair Squares Windows

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Slanted Floor - Oklahoma Foundation Repair


Are your floors no longer level or sinking?

Foundation Repair Levels Floors

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Foundation issues are stressful.

You can trust our team of experts to protect your largest investment.

It can be difficult dealing with repairs as an absentee landlord. I had these guys repair two rent houses. I have found the work to be solid as well as the quote they gave. Fast and tidy and a pleasure to deal with.
Chris Armstrong
Neil and his team took the extra time to clean out the debris knowing it would be in my way when I had to replace the plumbing. Rather than push it out of the way, Oklahoma Foundation Repair added value to their services by cleaning out my crawlspace at no extra charge. I strongly recommend Neil and his team!
Joshua Conaway
Great work and awesome price. We were told by another company that we need 22 piers. They came out and suggested 12 and also showed us that we needed these anchors for our brick wall because it was loose. The other company made no mention of these. Anyways, we are super happy with the install.
Audre Clester
Neil is top notch! He's honest about whether you really need piers or not. My favorite thing about him is that he's not an alarmist. He's conservative with his recommendations and patient with results. Like so many others, I originally was told I needed 18 piers. Neil suggested a way to handle the job in stages, waiting until one part was done to determine how it affected the other parts. In the end, 13 piers did the job. Highly recommend!
Leslie Campbell
They do an awesome job at a great price in the best amount of time, this is the trifecta of a great business! We loved the work they did for us in our 100 year old renovation home, would use them over and over again! Thank you!
Amaral Group
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